5 Reasons Why You Don’t Understand Your Students

When you teach ESL, there are several barriers between you and your student. The obvious one is the language barrier. That’s not what I’m talking about here. The word “understand” in the title is not referring to understanding pronunciation, spelling, or grammar.

This post is about how ESL teachers often have difficulty understanding the motivations, attitudes, goals, and struggles of their students. I’m not trying to attack anyone, and these might not be true for everybody. But if you read one and say “oh shoot, that’s me!”, then you’ve got some things to think about.

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Why classroom seating matters: 3 seating arrangements to maximize learning

When most people think of a classroom, they think of a format something like this:

traditional seating

Students all at their own desks, all facing the teacher, who stands in front of or next to the blackboard, whiteboard, projector screen, etc.

Does this look like your classroom?

If it does, that’s OK. It’s been used for a long time for a reason: it’s effective. There are a lot of advantages of this seating arrangement.

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