The place of the English language in the USA

The USA is a large multinational state in which almost the entire palette of the most common languages in the world is represented. The debate about whether English is needed as a single-state American language has been going on for many years, but the answer to this question has not been found. In the US, there is no single official language. Obviously, the main candidate for this role could be English, which is spoken by about 96% of the country's population, but America has never recognized it as a state language. Most people know that the main language of the United States is English, or rather, its American variation, which has significant differences from the classic British version. But the lack of recognition of the language as a state language is more of a legal formality. The legislative base is formed in English; the educational process is carried out in all types of educational institutions. Office work and media work are also based on the use of English. Without owning it, it is impossible to find a decently paid job. So, it is a controversial political topic that needs further research where students are also involved. Therefore, sometimes they need to write various essays on related topics, like should English be the official language of the United States essay.

How to write a good essay about the English language in the USA?

There are some recommendations for writing a good essay:

  • In writing an essay, it is important to alternate between short and long sentences. It makes the text more dynamic and readable.
  • It is better to avoid the use of incomprehensible words and complex speech turns. It is especially true for words and expressions, the meaning of which the author does not know.
  • It is desirable to minimize the use of common phrases. It is very important that the essay be original, individualized, and reflects the author's personality.
  • To confirm your point of view and convince the author of the correctness of your statements, you can reflect on your memories and impressions of the text.
  • It is important to stick to the main idea of the written text. Any deviations from it and descriptions of unnecessary details are unacceptable.
  • At the end, you need carefully reread the entire text to make sure that the overall logic of the presentation is maintained throughout the story.

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