The purpose of teaching and learning education

The divergence between teaching and learning is that teaching is the process of imparting knowledge and skills to a teacher, which involves actions such as teaching or coaching. Learning is a learning process involving acquiring knowledge, honing skills, concepts, and rules. Both teaching and learning are related to building personal competencies. Teaching is mainly practiced in schools, while learning is practiced in the workplace. At school, it is important and necessary to ensure that students learn to consciously use the forms and techniques of cognitive activity and correctly apply scientific principles and methods in explaining the phenomena of nature, society, and the spiritual world of man. Under such conditions, the learning process will form the foundations of scientific thinking in students. Every student should differentiate these notions; therefore, teachers ask them to write my personal philosophy of teaching and learning education essay.

How to write an essay about philosophy of teaching and learning education?

The essay is one of the literary prose genres distinguished by its small volume and free structure. The author briefly speaks on a specific issue and does not pretend to be objective. Let's analyze the main features of such a genre to understand its peculiarities:

  • The topic of the essay is rather narrow, touching on some problems and prompting reflection.
  • Mandatory author's position, which may be subjective.
  • Publicity of submission. It should be written in a "journal" language without complicating the text with scientific content. Welcome the liveliness and emotional presentation.
  • The problem identified in the topic should be considered in as much detail as possible from different angles. Be sure to include arguments.
  • An essay is a rather short genre; it takes 3-5 pages on average. Therefore, a detailed consideration of the issue here does not mean you need to "pour water" on this topic. Reflections should be short but extensive.
  • The essay does not require a clear structure. But for the text to look logical, the standard composition should be observed: it has the beginning, then there is a series of opinions and arguments arising from each other, fastened with a logical link, and at the end - a small general conclusion.

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