Talking about your day in English to improve fluency + a funny video

I’m a learner of three languages: Spanish, Korean, and German. In each of these languages, I can verbally put some sentences together and describe my day. And sometimes I do just that – to no one in particular. Either when I’m in the car alone or lying in my bed just before falling asleep, I’ll start rambling on…

Heute habe ich etwas spannendes getan…

Mañana voy a ver mi amigo…

오늘 재미있었어요…

I’ve talked to a few other people who are at similar phases of learning languages, and some of them say they do the same thing.

I really think it helps keep the language fresh in my mind. It keeps me fluent. And it’s just fun to see how long I can go.

I made the connection with this kind of practice (what should we call it? is there an academic name for it yet? how about “unrestrained solipsistic L2 vocalizations”?) when I recently re-watched a favorite YouTube video of mine.

Meet Marko…


That is one happy English language learner.

Laugh all you want – I’m almost positive Marko is getting better at English by describing his day. And he’s certainly enjoying himself (and helping over a million people on YouTube enjoy themselves too).

What if we had our English learners do something similar?

Virtually all of my students at the IEP I teach at have cellphones that can record video, or at least audio. Students could record themselves describing what they’re doing at one point in their day. Or they could describe what they did that day, or what they’ll do tomorrow.

(Maybe a lot of teachers already do this. I wonder what kind of effects it has on students’ speaking and fluency – please let me know!)

So many students need much more fluency and speaking opportunities. This seems like a fun and easy one.

Thanks for reading.

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